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Full Service Vacation Rental Management in Phoenix

Boost occupancy and guest satisfaction by working with the CT Brothers, a trusted Airbnb management company. We handle every aspect of managing your property, from guest screening to checkout, and everything in-between.

Tempe Airbnb Listing Management

Airbnb Listing Management

Crafting a captivating and informative listing is the first step to attracting guests to your Phoenix Airbnb property. We write compelling descriptions to showcase your property's unique features and amenities.

We also keep an eye on local market trends and traveler preferences to refine our strategy and help your property stand out in the competitive Phoenix short-term rental market.
Airbnb Pricing and Booking Management Tempe

Pricing and Booking

Our management team conducts thorough market research and analysis to set competitive rates that appeal to guests while optimizing your revenue.

By utilizing automated pricing strategies and reviewing daily rates manually, we use best practices to increase occupancy rates throughout the year. Let us take the guesswork out of pricing and booking management so you can enjoy a steady stream of income from your property in Phoenix.
A woman asking their Airbnb host questions about their vacation rental from the CT Brothers.

Guest Communication

We handle all inquiries personally to provide efficient coordination of bookings and satisfy guest needs during their stay.

By providing excellent customer service and personalized attention to each guest, we keep them satisfied and eager to leave positive reviews for your property.
Airbnb cleaning and maintenance in Tempe, Arizona

Cleaning and Maintenance

We partner with professional cleaning services to keep your space immaculate for incoming guests. Let us take the cleaning and maintenance off your plate so you can spend time doing what you enjoy.

Helping Arizona Airbnb Investors Create Truly Passive Income

We help you collect 5-star reviews by creating memorable experiences for your guests.

The more reviews on your listing, the more visibility it gets on platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. In other words, we prioritize the guest experience to keep your property booked and increase your rental income.

Gain peace of mind in knowing your guests are handled with care. Request a free property analysis or book a call with us to see how we can reduce the time and stress out of protecting your Airbnb investment.

Janet Airbnb Management Testimonial Tempe

4 Steps to High ROI Vacation Rentals


If you don’t already have a property, let us help you find the right one.


We’ll help you design and plan a stunning and memorable property.


We’ll market your property to keep your booking calendar full.

Fully Manage.

We’ll handle every little detail. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the cashflow.

CT Brothers Tempe Airbnb Superhosts

Meet Chris and Cameron, your Phoenix Airbnb Managers

As your Airbnb managers, we are committed to maximizing your rental revenue and creating exceptional guest experiences. We use strategic pricing and proactive communication to keep your property booked and generating passive income.

With 6 years of experience as investors and property managers for property owners with rental investments in Phoenix and throughout Maricopa County, our comprehensive property management services encompasses everything from Airbnb listing creation and upkeep, to interior styling, and the coordination of all guest interactions and site maintenance. This includes managing check-ins & check-outs and upkeep through our network of cleaners, pool, and landscape maintenance vendors.

Our goal is to make your short-term rental venture as effortless and profitable as possible. Whether you're new to vacation rentals or are looking to expand your portfolio, working with a trusted vacation rental management company can help increase your return on investment.

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the CT Brothers

Phoenix Airbnb

Answers to common questions about owning and managing an Airbnb in Phoenix, Arizona.

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What should I look for in a Phoenix Airbnb Management Company?
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Find a company that actually cares about protecting your rental investment and creating a 5-star experience for your guests. Large property management companies often fail to communicate and rely on large call centers to field inquiries. Consider choosing a smaller company where inquiries from guests and owners are handled by a dedicated few.

Many negative Airbnb reviews are the result of poor cleaning and maintenance procedures. Choose a company with systems in place to ensure your property receives the care and attention it deserves.

Are short term rentals profitable in Phoenix, Arizona?
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Yes! 19.5 million people visited Phoenix in 2022, with an average party size of 2.5 people. Phoenix is home to Major League Baseball's Cactus League which draws fans from 15 MLB teams who travel to Phoenix to catch spring training games each February and March.

Downtown Phoenix is also a destination for corporate events at the Phoenix Convention Center and similar venues at major hotels. Phoenix is also a hub for outdoor activities such as hiking Camelback Mountain or Piestewa Peak in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve.

Direct spending by visitors to Phoenix was $4.4 Billion in 2022. Owning an Airbnb in Phoenix enables you to benefit from Phoenix's thriving tourism industry.

How does Airbnb Management Work?
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We handle every aspect of managing your Airbnb property in exchange for a fee.

Our management services include managing your listing on Airbnb and other rental platforms, interior design and furnishing, marketing and booking, guest communication, cleaning, lawncare, and pool maintenance.

Is Airbnb Allowed in Phoenix? What are the licensing requirements?
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Yes. Airbnb is allowed in Phoenix as long as you comply with local rules and regulations such as the licensing requirements in the City of Phoenix's Short-term Rental Ordinance and A.R.S. 33-1902. You will also need to pay sales tax and a transient lodging tax, although the Airbnb platform collects and pays those taxes on your behalf.

Is There Any Seasonality in Running an Airbnb Business in Phoenix?
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Yes. Occupancy rates are typically lower during the hot summer months of June, July, August and September and higher in the winter months.

How Much does Airbnb Property Management Cost in Phoenix?
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We typically charge 20% of gross rental revenue as a monthly management fee, but this amount can vary based on your needs.

Our Vacation Rental Management Office in Phoenix, Arizona

We spend most of our time on-site at client properties throughout Maricopa County, and work out of our home offices for the majority of our time. In special cases, we can meet with clients at our Phoenix office by appointment only.

Our Phoenix office is located at:

3110 N. Central Ave., Ste D-160
Phoenix, Arizona 85012

We typically meet by phone or videoconference.

The CT Brothers - Phoenix Airbnb Management Office Location

Reduce the Time and Stress of your Rental Investment by Partnering with the CT Brothers, Trusted Airbnb Management Company in Phoenix, AZ